Bill Dunne - RDTW 2009

Salutations and felicitations to all the comrades participating in Running Down the Walls 2009! This year, September 12th is a particularly meaningful day to let the peoples’ feet shake the apparatus of oppression. It is Leonard Peltier’s birthday; he is a strong comrade in the struggle for the most equitable social reality in which all people will have the greatest possible freedom to attain their full human potential. He has never wavered despite being among the longest held political prisoners in the U.S. gulag archipelago and this year he was attacked by the federal parole commission, that agency of repression inflicted yet another 15 year hit on Leonard for no other reason than that he is such a strong comrade, a powerful symbol. So let us vote with our feet! Vote for freedom for Leonard! Vote for freedom for all political prisoners! Vote against oppression! My vote may be cast in relative isolation but I will feel the walls trembling to the cadence of our collective foot falls.