Jaan Laaman - RDTW 2009

I want to send a big shout out to everyone Running Down the Walls today – Saturday, September 12th, 2009. This is Jaan Laaman and I’m speaking to you from inside the u.s. penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona. Yes, I myself and a multinational group of solid prisoners will be Running Down the Walls, behind these walls in the Sonoran desert with all of you this Saturday morning.

I’m very pleased to hear we have 12 outside runs, taking place from Los Angeles to Boston and places in between, and we have some runs in other countries too. I also know we have a lot of runs going on inside prisons from coast to coast as well.

I want to send out a salute to all my ABC Federation folks and all the people running with them. And I want to send a salute out to all my Jericho people and all the runners rolling with them. I want to salute every person and all the groups who are running today. While long miles and high walls separate us, today we run as one large collective, growing in numbers, understanding and solidarity in support of political prisoners and ALL prisoners in our struggles for justice and survival.

We are young and old, women and men, many nationalities, running in prison yards and city parks and streets. All of us should take added strength and commitment from this solidarity as we sweat out one more lap and one more mile in our run today. I’m sure we all are looking forward to hearing reports on how the various runs went.

Today also happens to be our long held Native political prisoner brother, Leonard Peltier’s birthday. Leonard has been in prison for 33 years and he just got a 15 year hit from the parole board —You are in our thoughts bro – we are running for you and for ALL of us. So enough talk, lets get to sweating and running down these walls—

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