Sekou Kambui - RDTW 2009

Dear friends, comrades in struggle:

As a political prisoner held hostage for over forty years now by the slave manufacturing state of Alabama. Your sacrifice and diligent efforts in solidarity and support of political prisoners and prisoners of war is deeply appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Your missive advising us in the Social Consciousness Development Group (SCDG) about Running Down the Walls event that you have organized arrived safely. All concerned are in solidarity with you and though incarcerated we will be Running Down the Walls with you here at station C.F. under the organization of SCDG Chairman Sekou Kambui.

We feel that to run with you, even removed as we are from the forerunners outside, we are demonstrating our solidarity and support of the principles by which you were guided and motivated to organize RDTW on behalf of PP/POWs.

September 6th is the birthday of Sekou Kambui, the chairman of SCDG, and so he is proud to be able to give a celebration in dedication to his fellow PP and Virgo Leonard Peltier whose birth month he shares. We, in SCDG are also fighters for social justice and a part of the “International Prisoner’s Human Rights Liberation Struggle” movement.

Stay strong! Keep the struggle alive and the faith in the righteousness of the cause you have embraced in the forefront of your endeavors.