Jaan Laaman - RDTW 2016

Hello, this is Jaan Laaman and I want to send a positive, powerful revolutionary salute to all you freedom runners, runners for justice, for human rights, for dignity, for political prisoners and all prisoners, held in cages across the United States.

Here in 2016, America remains the biggest prison house in the world, over 2 ¼ million men, women and children are locked up in state, federal, local and private prisons from see to shining sea.

But being in prison, does not mean that we cannot and should not continue to struggle for human rights, justice and freedom. Running Down the Walls is one good way for all of us, in prison yards, segregation rec pens, in city parks and streets, to call for justice and freedom for America’s political prisoners and all prisoners.

Yes, here in the federal pen in Tucson, a multinational group of young and old runners will be joining with all of you across the country in Running Down the Walls. We will be running on September 4th and we will be joining you in spirit, will all of you September 11th runners too.

So, enough talking, let’s get to running, running down these walls.

Jaan Laaman