Xinachtli Luna Hernandez - RDTW 2016

As salaam aliakum! Alhamdulillah!
In the true spirit of internationalism and solidarity with all resistance movements of the oppressed against global capitalism and imperialism worldwide, especially amongst the domestic internal colonies enslaved by yankee colonialism and imperialism in the occupied territories of the U.S. southwest. I salute all of you with a firm revolutionary embrace and a clenched fist in the air from within the belly of the beast, and thank you for the many years of persistent support, financial and otherwise that the ABCF Warchest has given me. From the bottom of my heart, I say GRACIAS! Thank you! Much success in the upcoming Running Down The Walls event for 2016!

The forces of fascism, outside and inside the prison walls, are on the rise, fanned and fueled by the cycle of “presidential electoral politics,” where the established elitist parties fight over who is to be slave-master extraordinaire who holds the capitalist cat-o-nine-tails whip over the working class. They intensify their traditional racist, reactionary, fear and hate mongering, their xenophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny, sexism, classism, the stereotyping of immigrants as “criminals,” the militarization of police in communities of color, the police terror of unarmed, innocent civilians, their nurturing of a culture of “government snitches,” to create mistrust and dived the people, as their war against the poor, immigrants, people of color and the working class. There is no way out of these capitalist conditions and tyranny but through class struggle. Workers must unite internationally, seize control of their own communities, seize political power, take control of their own destiny and dismantle the current capitalist system and be a truly free people. The Republican and Democrat political parties are one and the same animal that feeds from the same pig trough. They do not respect the interests of the workers, but are parties of the rich and elite one percent in perversion of their “capitalist democracy” and their lavish corporations and their extravagant lifestyle and their insane “values” they represent as masters and rulers of society and the world. Which includes their system of genocidal mass incarceration of people of color as “surplus accumulation” for their prison industrial corporations sustain by brute prisoner slave labor. Only a political economic system in the total control of workers’ collectives, of the ownership and distribution of the means of production and distribution to meet social and human needs, not make the rich richer, can we all be free of these capitalist barbarians!!!

Keep pounding the ground! We are in here for you!! YOU MUST continue to be out there for us freedom fighters!!!

Hasta la Victoria, siempre! Venceremos! All power to the people!

August 1st 2016 – in memory of all Black August Martyrs!!!

In solidarity, Xinachtli