David Gilbert - RDTW 2020

In the Spirit of George Floyd – 8/11/20

My warm embrace goes out to the bright spirit and good politics of running down the wall… in these most dire and yet promising of times. I know you are building support for a new generation of political prisoners. A key reason for political prisoner support is to show the continuity of the struggles for social justice. That understanding is acutely important today. The alternative to police who act with disdain and violence toward the people is community control, which is based on developing strong, caring, cohesive communities. Groups like the Black Panther Party, the Young Lords and AIM were working on that until they came under withering attack by the police and FBI. Some are still in prison today… today when we now have a new, better opportunity to move toward self-determination and a priority on meeting human needs in the oppressed communities.

One Love