Bill Dunne - RDTW 2021

Solidarity to and with my 2021 Running Down the Walls Comrades!

Salutations and Felicitations Comrades!

Yet another Running Down the Walls gathering is upon us. We come together to run, walk, roll, stair climb, chair step, and otherwise put in work in opposition to the prison-industrial complex. We unite out diverse voices, however we raise them, in opposition to the exploitation and oppression we, the people, endure in and by the dark concrete corners of the world-wide gulag archipelago. We braid the many strands of our struggles into a powerful line of opposition to mass incarceration and its victimization of poor and particularly oppressed communities. Thus, we convert the physical steps and movements we take together to figurative steps in building the movements that will do our work, accomplish our aims, set us free! So let our combined consciousness move our commonalty down the road the road to revolution.

A special shout out to Comrade Leonard Peltier, elder hero of AIM, the Lakota People, the struggle for freedom, and soldier of approaching 50 years of combat against greed’s iron houses.

Bill Dunne
FCC Victorville FCI-I
August 23, 2021