Monday May 27: Letter-writing for Ant Smith


Join us on Monday May 27th at 6:30pm at Wooden Shoe Books to write letters to Philadelphia’s own Ant Smith. Ant is a high school social studies teacher in North Philly, an activist with organizations including Food Not Bombs Solidarity and Philly for REAL Justice, and a beloved community member currently serving a yearlong sentence for politically motivated charges related to the 2020 George Floyd Uprisings.

On Oct 26 2020, Ant was taken from his home and charged with obstructing law enforcement during a civil disorder and aiding and abetting the arson of a police cruiser. An outpouring of community support and outrage immediately followed. The impact of his tireless pursuit of collective liberation for his community was made clear to the court from the statements in his supprt released by the North Philly Peace Park, Philly Student Union, the Racial Justice Organizing Committee, the Coalition for REAL Justice, as well as the over 70 character letters submitted by students and colleagues after his arrest.

At his sentencing on Nov 21 2023, Ant’s friends and supporters had to be packed into a second overflow courtroom. U.S. District Judge Juan Sanchéz heard emotional pleas that Ant not be sent to prison from family, students and coworkers. Sanchéz responded by praising Ant’s “passion for advocacy” and then sentencing him to a year and a day in prison and two years probation on top of the three years of house arrest already served, and monetary restitution for the burnt police cruiser. Ant’s felony conviction also bars him from teaching for 10 years.

Just as Ant worked selflessly for all of us before he was imprisoned, we need to have his back while he’s in prison. This includes writing him letters to let him know he’s not alone. If you can’t join us in person on Monday May 27, you can still write to him at:

Anthony Smith
FCI Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution
Satellite Camp
P.O. Box 2000
Joint Base MDL, NJ 08640

We’ll also sign and send a birthday card to political prisoner Gage Halupowski , whose birthday is June 29th.